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Care Bears/Creepypasta 1- The Last Stumble(Part 1) :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 1 2
Willy The Bat(Digitalized) by XimmishyXY Willy The Bat(Digitalized) :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 3 0 CareTale- Oopsy as Alphys by XimmishyXY CareTale- Oopsy as Alphys :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 9 8 CareTale- Cheer as Toriel by XimmishyXY CareTale- Cheer as Toriel :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 12 9 Oopsy Ninja Human Child (Naruto Crossover) by XimmishyXY Oopsy Ninja Human Child (Naruto Crossover) :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 5 0 Dat Baby by XimmishyXY Dat Baby :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 4 1 Growing up Chavo del 8 by XimmishyXY Growing up Chavo del 8 :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 7 7 Hinami Fueguchi(El Chavo Animado Art Style) by XimmishyXY Hinami Fueguchi(El Chavo Animado Art Style) :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 3 0 The lake of Zirahuen by XimmishyXY The lake of Zirahuen :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 3 2 Tzintzuntzan by XimmishyXY Tzintzuntzan :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 1 0 Dostin 2017 (gift for him) by XimmishyXY Dostin 2017 (gift for him) :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 4 5 Cosmo the hedge-fox(sontails child) by XimmishyXY Cosmo the hedge-fox(sontails child) :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 7 18 Poisha the hybrid fish by XimmishyXY Poisha the hybrid fish :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 3 2 Poisha by XimmishyXY Poisha :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 3 1 Seishy sketch book work 2 process 5 by XimmishyXY Seishy sketch book work 2 process 5 :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 3 0 Happy Anniversary to my love by XimmishyXY Happy Anniversary to my love :iconximmishyxy:XimmishyXY 3 6


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Hello juanitos from deviantart,
Here I make a creepypasta of Care Bears Adventures in Care a Lot, my only warning is that what you will read below has Gore Scenes, Murders ,references to bullying and strong words so discretion is recommended and if you want to see the Spanish version here is the link of the creepypasta on youtube in my boyfriend's channel 

I also recommend listening to some background to give atmosphere to this creepypasta, enjoy it. bye bee.
It was a great happy day in care a lot, and all the bears as always were working, each bear was responsible for each of the tasks they had entrusted, cheer bear watered the plants, grumpy bear prepared great inventions in his workshop and share bear arranged his large garden, Everything was perfect, but everything changed for the protagonist of this story, Oopsy bear.
He walked calmly through the central square of Care a lot with happiness without fear of giving one of his usual stumbles.

what he never imagined is that everything would change at the time of having the worst in a simple joke because when walking through the central tree of the square, it was hidden funshine who had put a rope not visible to pull by the feet of oopsy, 
funshine to make his joke made that oopsy going around several times for his big fall to end up walking in a large puddle of mud, falling so muddy everything comes funshine and tells him.
Funshine: oopsy bear are you okay?
Yes a little bit.....
I just want to tell you something oopsy...
Surprised* Really?
thank you for giving me the best fall in the world, and brighten the day with your muddy body Ahahahahhahahahhahaha.

the joke was so strong that it made all the bears laugh more than can not for the words that funshine told oopsy, 
It was so funny for everyone that it made even the grumpy laugh (Oh Shit, so cruel ;-; ), oopsy bear could only go running and crying to his house and not go out for anything in the world,  then seeing this cheer tells all the bears.
guys, do you think oopsy is okay?
relax cheer is temporary and will come out as always from there.
Cheer:*a little anger* 
you'd better later apologize to him, until he recovers a bit of this.
Funshine: ok,  ok 
I will do it, but later.

Oopsy in his house muddled and angry just think one thing, get revenge, After an hour alone, he goes to the kitchen and grabs a knife, he only said one thing to himself.
Oopsy:*Crying*....not more....
I've had enough....they are not my friends's not fair......I think it's time to take revenge for the big jokes of my Ex friends.....Ehehehehheheh..... here I go.

t nightfall-------------
Funshine had planned to apologize to oopsy and tell him it was just a joke, but when he opened the door he saw that Oopsy was not at home, so he went further into the house, calling him and feeling that with every step he went he felt threatened when looking for him but then he sees only one visible thing, a chair illuminated with a note with blood which upon reading it he saw that he said: "have fun togheter :)"then oopsy throws himself on Funshine's back and stabs him several times with the knife, killing him and leaving him as his first victim.
Oopsy:Oh ouh  you finished so fast.... oh dear, I wanted it to last longer...ehehehheheheh.. poor I can not have fun with you anymore ... but neglect my cutie stumble has not yet... ahahahahahahhaha!!
with his last breath* cfff..... O..opsy..
Oopsy: Good night(
he cuts his head) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
To be Continued....

Care Bears/Creepypasta 1- The Last Stumble(Part 1)
hello here the first part of the creepypasta, I hope you liked the second part of this very soon
Bye bee
A Soon Creepypasta from a Care bear(adventures in care a lot and more) Creepypasta Series.
CareTale- Oopsy as Alphys
oopsy is the real scientist of Careground
is a shy and somewhat clumsy nerd who loves anime, manga comics and superhero comics (giving a bit of equality with the original oopsy and alphys) he often stutters.
He is in love with grumpy bear (Undyne).
he feels guilty that twinklet (flowey) and amalgams exist but not so much when creating harmony (mettaton). Omg he looks like a Uke
oopsy es el científico real del Careground
es un timido y algo torpe nerd que adora el anime, comics manga y los comics de superheroes (dando un poco de igualdad con el oopsy y alphys originales) el a menudo suele tartamudear.
el esta enamorado de grumpy bear(Undyne).
se siente culpable de que twinklet(flowey) y los amalgamas existan pero no tanto al crear a harmony(mettaton). O dio mio se ve mas Pasiva
CareTale- Cheer as Toriel
Cheer she is the guardian of the ruins, she unlike the original toriel she was not married to Tenderheart (the as asgore) but rather
is her sister which when disagreeing with the collection of the souls of the cousins ​​(the cousins as the humans)
she loves to cook cinnamon pies, behind the door of the ruins until snowdin usually speaks with a
 mysterious bear of bad jokes(Grizzle not grumpy ._.u) which to cheer make her laugh.
and like the original cheer bear is very cheerful, fun, motherly and very affectionate.

the truth is that I love how I keep this drawing and more because of the effect I put on her eyes, i hope you like it.

ella es la guardiana de las ruinas, a diferencia de la toriel original, no estaba casada con Tenderheart (el que interpreta a asgore) sino más 
bien es su hermana que cuando está en desacuerdo con la recolecta de las almas de los primos (los primos aqui son los humanos) a ella le
encanta cocinar pays de canela,
detrás de la puerta de las ruinas que conduce a snowdin generalmente habla con un misterioso oso de malas bromas (Grizzle no es grumpy ._. u)
que para animarla la hace reír. y al igual que y al igual que la cheer original,es muy alegre, divertida, maternal y muy cariñosa
la verdad es que me encanta cómo me quedo este dibujo y más por el efecto que le pongo en los ojos, espero que te guste.



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soy Xim, soy una multigustos,tengo 16 años y soy mexicana.
mi signo zodiacal es geminis.
tengo un canal de youtube donde subo muchas de mis burradas.
soy pinche adicta al vaporub :v
Im Xim,im have multiple interests,I have 16 years old And I'm Mexican.
my zodiac sign is Geminis.
I have a YouTube channel where I upload many of my stupid things.
im fucking addicted to the vick vaporub


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